Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Toro 38361 Power Shovel Snow Blowers Reviews

Super small, super lightweight, and moderate electricity. Those don't sound like impressive aspects for a snow blower because it demands size, heft, and oomph to remove lots of snow. Or does it? The Toro 38361 may just surprise you...

Layout and Operation, Surprising In A Lot Of Ways
The Toro 38361 Power Shovel is a mere 12 inches wide. So, physical limitations guarantee that it will not clear a path as fast as an 18 inch version. Or will it? After all, you're dragging or shoving the additional weight of that 18 inch version approximately. You're waiting while it digs through the snow.

Consider a baseball bat you whirl through the atmosphere to make contact with all the ball. Sure, a heavy bat can give it a huge wallop - if you'll be able to swing it fast enough. But a quite light bat lets you readily swing that wood substantially faster. It Is the product of mass and velocity that provides the absolute impetus provided.

Whether that analogy is exact in case of a snow blower, it's still true you could transfer this 12.5 pound blower around much more readily than big significant units. That compensates, at least partly, for the narrower rotor assembly. The Poly V-belt auger system compensates even more. It ensures the electric motor never gets bogged down from snow with a high moisture content.

The electricity provided is great, too, if not rather what one might wish. The maker promises it'll discard snow the full 20 feet but that's only under perfect conditions such as ultra-dry snow or plowing a thin layer. The 7.5 amp motor makes the best usage of the electricity it consumes, but it's still much less than a more substantial 12-amp power plant.

Assuming equivalent efficiency, approximately the case here, you can't get more out of something that only draws 7.5 amps of current than from a device that draws 12 amps. Remember, the rating is how much electricity the motor uses; not how much power it delivers.